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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Activate Transport Mode

Transport Mode keeps the parking brake disengaged while winching Model 3 onto a flatbed truck. When active, Transport Mode displays a message indicating that the vehicle will remain free-rolling. The following are required to enable Transport Mode:

To activate Transport Mode:

  1. Ensure the vehicle is in Park.
  2.  Chock the tires or otherwise ensure Model 3 is secure.
  3. Press and hold the brake pedal, then on the touchscreen, touch Controls > Service > Towing. The touchscreen displays a message reminding you how to properly transport Model 3.
  4. Press and hold the Transport Mode button until it turns blue. Model 3 is now freerolling and can slowly be rolled (no faster than walking speed) or winched.

To cancel Transport Mode, shift Model 3 into Park.

Note: If Model 3 loses 12V power after Transport Mode is enabled, Transport Mode will cancel and the parking brake will be reapplied.

Caution: If the electrical system is not working, and you therefore cannot use the touchscreen to activate Transport Mode, use self-loading dollies or tire skates. Before doing so, always check the manufacturer's specifications and recommended loading capacity.

Pull onto the Flatbed Truck

Note: If Model 3 has no 12V power, you need an external 12V power supply to open the hood or use the touchscreen

Caution: To avoid damage, only pull the vehicle onto a flatbed truck using a properly-installed tow eye. Using the chassis, frame, or suspension components to pull the vehicle can result in damage.

  1. Locate the tow eye. The tow eye is located under the carpet in the front trunk.

Pull onto the Flatbed Truck

  1. Release the tow eye cover by pressing firmly on its top right perimeter until it pivots inward, then gently pulling the raised section toward you.

Note: The tow eye cover is connected to the vehicle's black negative (-) terminal.

Pull onto the Flatbed Truck

  1. Fully insert the tow eye into the opening, then turn it counter-clockwise until securely fastened.

Pull onto the Flatbed Truck

  1. Attach the winch cable to the tow eye.

Caution: Before pulling, make sure the tow eye is securely tightened.

  1. Activate Transport Mode.
  2. Pull Model 3 slowly onto the flatbed truck.
Approved Methods for Transporting
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