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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Auto Opening and Closing

To operate a HomeLink device without touching the touchscreen, you can automate the device to open as you approach, and close as you drive away:

  1. Touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the touchscreen and choose the device you want to automate.
  2. Select the Auto-open when arriving checkbox if you want the device to open as you approach.
  3. Touch the arrows to specify the distance you want your vehicle to be from the device before it opens.
  4. Select the Auto-close when leaving checkbox if you want the device to close as you drive away.

As you approach (or drive away from) a device that is set to operate automatically, the HomeLink status icon displays a count-down message to let you know when the device will automatically open or close. In situations where you don't want the device to automatically open or close, touch Skip Auto- Open or Skip Auto-Close at any time during the count-down message.

Resetting the Location of the HomeLink Device

If you experience situations in which you sometimes drive up to your HomeLink device and it doesn't open, or the HomeLink icon on the touchscreen's status bar does not display the dropdown when you approach the device, you may need to reset the device's location.

To do so, park as close as possible to the HomeLink device (garage door, gate, etc.) and display the HomeLink settings page by touching the HomeLink icon at the top of the touchscreen. Touch the name of the device you want to reset, then Reset Location.

Deleting a Device

To delete a HomeLink device, touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the touchscreen.

Touch the name of the device you want to delete, then touch Delete.

Note: You can also perform a factory reset to erase your HomeLink settings, along with all other personal data (saved addresses, music favorites, imported contacts, etc.).

Note: For security reasons, delete your HomeLink devices if you sell your Model 3.

Troubleshooting HomeLink

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode, Model 3 records the signal from the remote of your RF device. The touchscreen instructs you to stand in front of the vehicle, point the remote at the front bumper, and press and hold the button until the headlights flash. When the headlights flash, Model 3 has learned the remote and you can touch Continue on the touchscreen. If the headlights do not flash, refer to the following guidelines:

D-Mode and UR-Mode

In D Mode and UR-Mode, the device's receiver learns Model 3. The touchscreen instructs you to press the "Learn" button (may also be called "Program" or "Smart") on the device's receiver. If this does not work, refer to the following guidelines:

For additional assistance or compatibility questions, contact HomeLink

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