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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Navigation

Customize how the navigation system works by adjusting these settings:

Note: The volume setting applies only to the navigation system's spoken instructions.

Volume for Media Player and Phone remains unchanged.

Note: You can also display navigation settings by touching the settings icon on the map


Caution: Headlights should only be adjusted by Tesla Service.

Note: Changing your vehicle's wheel configuration can impact range estimates, tire pressure warning levels, and vehicle visualization.

Warning: Only use Tesla-approved wheels when installing or swapping wheels. Using non Tesla-approved wheels can cause serious damage. Tesla is not liable for damage caused by using wheels not approved by Tesla.


Learn more about your vehicle and the status of software updates.

Note: You can also display some of the vehicle information by touching the Tesla "T" at the top center of your touchscreen.

The yellow clock icon at the top of the touchscreen is replaced by a green download icon when a software update is available, your vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi, and the update is downloading. A yellow download icon appears when a software update is available, but the vehicle is not connected to Wi-Fi. Ensure your vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi to start the download.

Glovebox Touch to open the glovebox

Acceleration: Adjust the amount of acceleration. Chill limits acceleration for a slightly smoother and gentler ride, whereas Standard or Sport (depending on vehicle configuration) provides t ...

Naming Your Vehicle
To further personalize Model 3, you can name it. The name of your Model 3 appears in the mobile app. To name your vehicle, touch the Tesla "T" at the top center of the touchscreen, then touch Na ...

Other materials:

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Antenna Feeder No.3 Inspection
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