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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Rear Trunk


To open the rear trunk, ensure the vehicle is in Park then do one of the following then pull the rear trunk open:


When a door or trunk is open, the
touchscreen displays the Door Open indicator light. The image of your Model 3 on the touchscreen also displays the open trunk.

To open the rear trunk from inside Model 3 in the unlikely situation that Model 3 has no power

Warning: Before opening or closing the rear trunk, it is important to check that the area around the trunk is free of obstacles (people and objects).

Load Limits

Secure all cargo before moving Model 3, and place heavy cargo in the lower trunk compartment.

Caution: To avoid damage, never load more than 130 lbs (60 kg) on the rear load floor (above the lower trunk compartment) or more than 285 lbs (130 kg) in the lower trunk compartment.

Doing so can cause damage.


To close the rear trunk, push it downward until you hear the latch click into place.

Note: Model 3 is equipped with pull cups to assist with lowering the rear trunk.


Warning: Before driving, ensure that the trunk is securely latched in the fullyclosed position by lifting up on the bottom edge and confirming there is no movement.

Accessing the Cargo Area

To access the cargo area inside the rear trunk, pull up the strap at the rear of the cargo cover.

You can then fold the cargo cover forward or remove it from Model 3.

Accessing the Cargo Area

Caution: Never load more than 130 lbs (60 kg) on the rear load floor (above the lower trunk compartment) or more than 285 lbs (130 kg) in the lower trunk compartment. Doing so can cause damage.

Interior Emergency Trunk Release

An illuminated mechanical release located inside the rear trunk allows you to open the rear trunk from the inside if Model 3 has no electrical power. This mechanical release also allows a person locked inside to get out.

Interior Emergency Trunk Release

  1. Firmly push the illuminated button in the direction of the arrow to release the latch.
  2. Push the rear trunk open.

Note: The button glows for several hours after a brief exposure to ambient light.

Warning: Do not allow children to play inside the trunk or become locked inside.

An unrestrained child could suffer serious injury or death in a crash. A child could suffer heat exhaustion if trapped in the vehicle, especially without climate control on.

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