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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Summary of Controls

Summary of Controls

  1. Control tabs and open glovebox. When you select an item from the list of tabs, its associated controls and options display in the main viewing area.
  2. Main viewing area. The options available for your chosen controls category display here.

    Note: Depending on vehicle configuration and market region, some settings may not be available for your vehicle.

Quick Controls provides easy access to the following commonly-used features:

Exterior lights

OFF - Exterior lights are off until you manually turn them back on.

The exterior lights are set to AUTO by default at the start of every drive.

PARKING- The exterior side marker lights, parking lights, tail lights, and license plates lights turn on.

ON-  Exterior lights are on.

AUTO -Exterior lights automatically turn on if Model 3 detects low lighting conditions.

Note: For more information on exterior lights


Dome Lights: Turn the overhead lights to OFF, ON, or AUTO. When set to AUTO, the dome lights automatically turn on when you unlock the vehicle, open a door upon exiting, or shift into Park.

Ambient Lights: If turned on, the interior lights turn on whenever the headlights are on (if equipped).



Customize how the units and languages are displayed:

Note: Model 3 must be in Park to change the language. When you change the language, you experience a brief delay as the vehicle shuts down and restarts the touchscreen.

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Other materials:

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Air Filter Removal/Installation
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