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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Tire and Loading Glossaries

General Wheel and Tire Terms

Accessory Weight


Cold Tire Pressure

Curb Weight

Gross Vehicle Weight

kPa (kilo pascal)

Maximum Inflation Pressure

Caution: This pressure marked on the tire is the maximum allowed by the tire manufacturer. It is not the pressure Tesla recommends using for Model 3.

Maximum Loaded Vehicle Weight

Production Options Weight

PSI (lbf/in2)

Recommended Tire Inflation Pressure


Vehicle Capacity Weight

Load Carrying Definitions

Normal occupant weight

Occupant distribution

Passenger car tire

Rim diameter

Rim size designation

Rim type designation

Rim width

Vehicle maximum load on the tire

Vehicle normal load on the tire

Pneumatic Radial Tire Definitions

Bead separation

Bias ply tire




Cord separation


Extra load tire


Inner liner

Inner liner separation

Load rating

Maximum load rating

Measuring rim

Open splice

Outer diameter

Overall width


Ply separation

Pneumatic tire

Radial ply tire

Reinforced tire

Section width


Sidewall separation

Snow tire

Test rim


Tread rib

Tread separation

Tread wear indicators (TWI)

Wheel-holding fixture

Uniform Tire Quality Grading
The following information relates to the tire grading system developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which grades tires by tread wear, traction and temperature per ...

Roadside Assistance

Other materials:

Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Inspection [FS5 A EL]
CAUTION: Water or foreign objects entering the connector can cause a poor connection or corrosion. Be sure not to drop water or foreign objects on the connector when disconnecting it. On-Vehicle Inspection 1. Perform the following procedures. a. Remove the battery cover.. b. ...

Using Voice Commands
Voice commands are designed to understand natural requests. You can use voice commands to: Call a contact. Navigate to a location. Listen to Internet music. Control various aspects of Model 3. To initiate a voice command, tap the microphone button on the touchscreen. When you hear ...

Steering Wheel And Column Removal/Installation [With Advanced Keyless Entry And Push Button Start System]
WARNING: Handling the air bag module improperly can accidentally operate (deploy) the air bag module, which may seriously injure you. Read the service warnings before handling the air bag module.. 1. Remove the driver-side front scuff plate.. 2. Remove the driver-side front sid ...

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