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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Volume Control

Roll the scroll button on the left side of the steering wheel up or down to increase or decrease volume respectively. The scroll button adjusts the volume for media, navigation instructions, or phone calls, based on what is currently being heard through the speakers. You can also adjust the volume by touching the arrows associated with the speaker icon on the bottom of the touchscreen.

To mute the volume, press the left scroll button. Press again to unmute.

Note: Pressing the left scroll button during a phone call mutes both the sound and your microphone.

Note: If you're playing media and you receive a phone call, or the navigation system is speaking directions, the volume of what you are listening to is temporarily muted.

Searching Media Content

Touch Media Player's magnifying
glass icon to search for a particular song, album, artist, podcast, or station. Select a filter to narrow the scope of your search, or leave it at its default setting to include top results from all available source content. If available, touch HD to play high definition versions of the selected frequency.

Note: Use voice commands to search handsfree

FM Radio

If available in your market region
and location, Media Player provides FM radio stations that you can select from the Radio source.

Touch the next or previous arrows to move from one frequency to the next (or previous). Or touch Direct Tune to enter a specific frequency.

If available, touch HD to play high definition versions of the selected frequency.

For easy access to radio stations you listen to frequently, mark it as a favorite so it's readily available in your Favorites list

Internet Radio and Music Streaming Services (if equipped)

If equipped with premium connectivity, internet radio and music streaming services are available over a data connection. To listen, touch the Media Player icon and choose the streaming service you want to listen to.

Tesla may provide account credentials for some internet radio and music streaming services. You can use your Tesla account or you can sign in with your own account by scrolling to the bottom of the streaming service window and entering your account credentials.

Browse through the available categories and/or stations, then touch what you want to play. When browsing through a large category such as genres, you may need to drag the window upward to enlarge it and view more available options. When you choose an option that displays multiple results on a new window, touch BACK at the top of the window to return to the main browse page.

You can also use voice commands to play a specific song, artist, or album from an Internet radio service

When listening to internet radio or a music streaming service, the options available on Miniplayer can vary depending on what you are listening to:

Note: When playing a podcast (if available), you can rewind or fast forward to any location in the show. On the Miniplayer, drag the slider to the desired location or touch the rewind/ fast forward icons to move back or forward 15 seconds at a time.


In addition to various streaming services, your vehicle is equipped with Caraoke. To access Caraoke, touch the Music icon near the bottom of the touchscreen. You can browse through various songs and select the song you want to sing. Touch the microphone icon to enable or disable the song's main vocals.

Disabling the microphone leaves only the song's instrumentals and background vocals.

Touch the lyrics icon (located next to the microphone icon) to enable or disable the song's lyrics.

Note: Depending on vehicle configuration and market region, Caraoke may not be available on your vehicle.

Warning: Never read Caraoke lyrics while driving. You must always pay attention to the road and traffic conditions. When driving, the Caraoke lyrics are intended only for use by a passenger.

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Favorites and Recents
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