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Mazda 3 Service Manual: Oil Cooler Flushing [FS5 A EL]

Mazda 3 Service Manual / Engine / Lubrication / Oil Cooler Flushing [FS5 A EL]


1. Disconnect the oil hose.

2. Set a clean oil pan up to the oil hose inlet.

3. Blow 491—882 kPa {5—9 kgf/cm2, 72—127 psi} of compressed air into the oil hose outlet to drain remaining oil.

4. Add new ATF from the oil cooler hose outlet and blow 491—882 kPa {5—9 kgf/cm2, 72—127 psi} of compressed air to flush. (Repeat 2 or 3 times)

5. Verify that none of the following foreign material is mixed in with the drained ATF:

6. Repeat the procedures from Step 4 and flush the inside of the oil cooler.

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