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Mazda 3 Service Manual: Trunk Lid Opener Cable Removal/Installation

Mazda 3 Service Manual / Body / Doors/Lids & Hood/Trunk / Trunk Lid Opener Cable Removal/Installation

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

2. Remove the following parts:


b. Front scuff plate (LH).

c. Rear scuff plate.

d. B-pillar lower trim.

e. Rear seat cushion.

f. Rear seat back.

g. Tire house trim (LH).

h. Trunk end trim.

i. Trunk side trim (LH).

j. Trunk lid opener lever.

3. Remove the blots and nut.

4. Remove the bracket.

5. Disconnect the trunk lid striker from the trunk lid opener cable.

6. Remove the trunk lid opener cable from clips A.

7. Remove the trunk lid opener cable from clips B and C.

8. Remove the trunk lid opener cable from clips D.

9. Install in the reverse order of removal.

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