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Mazda 3 Service Manual: Driveline/Axle SST

Mazda 3 Service Manual / Drivetrain / Driveline / Driveline/Axle SST

49 F027 004

Attachment ø80

49 U027 005

Bearing installer

49 H027 002

Bearing remover

49 H034 201

Support block

49 H028 203

Block S

49 B025 004

Dust seal installer

49 F027 003


49 T025 001

Boot clamp crimper

49 S231 626

Support block

49 W027 003

Bearing installer

49 F027 005

Attachment ø62

49 G033 102


49 G033 105


49 G033 106


49 T028 3A0

Ball joint puller set

49 0223 630B

Rear shaft puller body

49 B025 010


49 B025 017

Sliding hammer

49 B025 016


49 G034 202

Support block

49 T028 301

Dust boot installer

49 B034 212

Rubber bush replacer

49 G030 797


(Part of 49 G030 795)

49 0710 520

Universal bearing puller

49 U034 204

Dust boot installer

49 F401 337A

Bearing installer

49 B034 201

Support block

49 G030 455

Differential side gear holder (G35M-R, G66M-R, FS5A-EL)


General Procedures (Front And Rear Axles)
Wheel and Tire Installation 1. When installing the wheels and tires, tighten the wheel nuts in a criss-cross pattern to the following tightening torque. Tightening torque 88—118 N·m { ...

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Child-Restraint Precautions
Mazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to use them. You are required by law to use a child-restraint system for children in the U.S. and Canada. Check your local and state or provincial laws for specific requirements regarding the safety of ch ...

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