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Mazda 3 Service Manual: Hood Adjustment

Gap Adjustment

1. Verify that the gap between the hood and the body is within the specification.

2. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

3. Remove the following parts:

a. Front bumper.

b. Front combination light.

c. Front fender molding.

d. Side step molding.

e. Front fender panel.

4. Loosen the hood hinge installation bolts and adjust the hood.

5. Tighten the bolts..

6. Install the following parts:

a. Front fender panel.

b. Side step molding.

c. Front fender molding.

d. Front combination light.

e. Front bumper.

7. Connect the negative battery cable..

Height Difference Adjustment

1. Verify that the height difference between the hood and the body is within the specification.

2. Turn the stop rubber to adjust the height of the hood.

Front Outer Handle Removal/Installation
1. To access the glass installation bolt, position the front door glass so that the distance from the top of the front door glass to the upper part of the front beltline molding is approx. 80 mm { ...

Hood Disassembly/Assembly
Except Mazdaspeed3 1. Disassemble in the order indicated in the table. 1 Weather strip parting seal 2 Weather strip shroud seal ...

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Body And Accessories
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Combination Switch Removal/Installation
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