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Mazda 3 Service Manual: Transaxle Fluid Temperature (Tft) Sensor Removal/Installation [FS5 A EL]

Mazda 3 Service Manual / Drivetrain / Transmission/Transaxle / Information / Transaxle Fluid Temperature (Tft) Sensor Removal/Installation [FS5 A EL]


1. Remove the primary control valve body.

a. Remove the battery cover..

b. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

c. Remove the aerodynamic under cover NO.2..

d. Clean the transaxle exterior throughout with a steam cleaner or cleaning solvents.

e. Remove the air cleaner component..

f. Disconnect the coupler component connector.

g. Drain the ATF..

h. Remove the oil pan.

i. Remove the primary control valve body..

2. Remove the coupler component from transaxle case.

3. Remove the O-ring from the coupler component.

4. Install the primary control valve body.

a. Apply ATF to a new O-ring and install it on the coupler component.

b. Install the coupler component to transaxle case.

c. Connect the coupler component connector.

d. Install the primary control valve body..

5. Apply a light coat of silicon sealant (TB1217E) to the contact surfaces of the oil pan and transaxle case.


6. Install the oil pan before the applied sealant starts to harden.

7. Add the ATF..

8. Install the aerodynamic under cover NO.2..

9. Install the air cleaner component..

10. Connect the negative battery cable.

11. Install the battery cover..

12. Perform the “Mechanical System Test”..

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