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Tesla Model 3 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Canceling and Resuming

To manually cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, move the gear lever up and release or press the brake pedal. The speedometer icon on the touchscreen turns gray to indicate that Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is no longer active.

Warning: Do not hold the gear lever up for more than one second. Doing so cancels Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and shifts Model 3 into Neutral.

Canceling and Resuming

To re-enable cruising at the current driving speed, move the gear lever fully down once then release.

Canceling and Resuming

Note: When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control cancels, Model 3 does not coast. Instead, regenerative braking slows down Model 3 in the same way as when you move your foot off the accelerator when driving without Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

Warning: Traffic-Aware Cruise Control cancels, or may not be available, in the following situations:

When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is unavailable or cancels, Model 3 no longer drives consistently at a set speed and no longer maintains a specified distance from the vehicle ahead.

Warning: Traffic-Aware Cruise Control can cancel unexpectedly at any time for unforeseen reasons. Always watch the road in front of you and stay prepared to take appropriate action. It is the driver's responsibility to be in control of Model 3 at all times.

Summary of Cruise Indicators

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
available but is not actively controlling your speed until you activate it. The number shown in gray is determined by Speed Assist

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is
operating and is either maintaining the set speed (no vehicle in front) or is maintaining a chosen following distance from a vehicle ahead (up to the set speed).

Model 3 has fully stopped but is
in a HOLD state. If safe, press the accelerator pedal to resume cruising at the set speed.


Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is particularly unlikely to operate as intended in the following types of situations:

Warning: The list above does not represent an exhaustive list of situations that may interfere with proper operation of Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

Adjust the Following Distance
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Note: Autosteer is a BETA feature. Autosteer builds upon Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, intelligently keeping Model 3 in its driving lane when cruising at a set speed. Autosteer also allows you t ...

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